Help report bugs and ask questions by using a screen recorder!

Recently I have been looking for better ways to show other users what I am doing, or report bugs to grazer. I found a Google Chrome plugin called “Loom”, and it is a free screen recorder with nothing needed to download. Just sign up, and host up to 100 videos for free. Use it for bugs, asking for help, or showing off your game!

Here’s an embedded example:
(I’m demonstrating CTRL mouse locator and the Accessibility Magnifier built into Windows.)
(Flowlab forums currently do not support embedded videos, but you can still post a link to it.)

(4) | Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software - Watch Video

This would be a really helpful way to report bugs! It’s often really hard to track down or communicate the exact set of steps that trigger weird behavior.

Can I get screen recoeder plz


Loom is a free downloadable plugin