Help the figure is upside down! And need general help

In this game: at level 5 the “Zeno Officer” is upside down when walking left can anyone help me so it’s always the right way?

Also how would i make it so in the metal blocks i can see a reflection of the player?

And can someone help me with ideas to make it more fun?

I haven’t opened the game yet but for the upside down sprite, make sure the “flip” behavior is set to horizontal ans not vertical.

For mirroring object, take a look at this example:

Hey thank you so much for the info! :smiley: for some reason doesn’t work right now but i’ll fix it ty :slight_smile:

@JR01 it’s not on vertical but it still is upside down. Idk why that is happening

It is probably related to the PointAt behavior you have in that object. PointAt rotates the object to “point at” a certain location.

@johnpost Hm yeah maybe but i still don’t understand why it’s pointing up when i’m at either side of it

It’s because of the way PointAt works. It doesn’t FLIP the object to point, it ROTATES it around. So if you are behind it, the object will rotate 180 degrees around to look at you, and will then be upside down.

So how will i fix it then?

@johnpost is right, its the point-at behavior thats flipping the object.
The point-at behavior rotates the objects “forward” to look at positions that you insert.
The object is set to not rotate, and your always inputting into both flips, which makes this visual bug.

The “point-at” behavior is useless here, instead you need to subtract the players x, and the “Zeno Offiscer” x. Filter the results to above or below zero, is would flip or unflip.

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@JR01 I tried that and it worked tysm for the help i have been stuck at this for so long! And thank you @johnpost as well for the help :slight_smile:

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