Help to make Slime unique

i need Slime to be unique but im out of ideas :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
(Slime is a game)

what is the game about? what is the gameplay like currently? could you provide a link?



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I have a few ideas.

  • How about a game where the player can switch between weapons that appear on the map. Kind of like the system for cold hard steel, but the guns or close-range weapons get more powerful as the game goes on. This could be combined with an underground sewer system and a few bosses.

  • Maybe an infection-like game, where you have to infect a certain number of differing enemies to complete levels. The levels could be anything, from forests to sewers. Each level has a boss and a portal that marks the level as complete, also teleporting the player to the main base where there is a large map. The map is used to select levels.

That’s all. If you need help, just PM me and I’ll walk you through the coding needed to create either concepts.