Help with a bug or issue

So in my game: If you go to the main menu and click the settings button, the sound checkmark will not go on or off because the mouseclick behavior keeps breaking. I tried making a new object but it still keeps breaking. The object is: Sound Button 1.

@Johnny_boy, from what I’ve tried, deleting and adding a new mouseclick behavior will fix the issue.

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@JR01 I tried that but then after a couple minutes it breaks again.

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@grazer has been redoing the mouseclick behavior since the last update, I think this should be something for him to look at.

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@grazer, Can you take a look?

Hey @Johnny_boy it looks like the issue here is that both that music button and the “Play” button underneath of it are fighting for the mouse click. Maybe move the other buttons out of that area when the settings menu is open?

Thanks, I just tried that and it worked!