Help with a more advanced map

Basically, my goal is to have little red sqaures appear from level to level as you complete them, Like Indiana Jones, or any of those iconic maps.
I was thinking of making one object and have multiple animations for every single location on the map, but that would take hundreds of frames
Is there any way to make this automatic?

? don’t really understand the question, it seems you could just make one dot filling up animation (in a seperate block) and message them whenever you need

But wouldn’t that require multiple frames, if it’s a large object I can’t have too many frames.

no, a smaller object with only the dot

But then I’d have to spawn each one individually?

wouldn’t that make it easier?

Doing quick math, lets say an average of 3 squares for every level, one world has 30 ish levels, and there are 10 world. So it would be probably 1000 squares individually spawned, moved, and rotated. I just figured there’s some fancy automatic way of doing it.

1000 levels??? that is super big game, are you sure flowlab can even handle it??

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I never saw this, but these aren’t like actual levels, they’re just preset code in a singular object linked to a certain save #. There’s only like 9 “levels” in the game.