Help with "artificial gravity"

I made a wall climb mechanic that needed to remove the game’s gravity from the object and replace it with a motor downwards. Why is it that when I press right arrow key repeatedly it slows my fall? Is that because it resets the exponential falling? How do I fix it?

link to game? why would you need to disable gravity for wall climb? Flowlab Game Creator - Wall Jump & Slide Example just use the example in the example page

first off, why is there so many things raycasting that it drops fps to 1

second, i don’t think i’m going to be able to even find what part of the code runs the “wall climb” since it’s so laggy and messy. Sorting code makes stuff like this easier, and it took me a while to begin doing it, but trust me when i say that it’s very beneficial.

sorry but it’s very messy to bundle things up after I make it. The select thingy doesn’t work well. But I did fix the ray casts

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