Help with Behaviors

I was working on my game yesterday when suddenly, for some odd reason, my game began to glitch out. For some reason, my character’s jump wouldn’t work. It’ll work but only for a little while. This is one of the many glitches that happened since last night. The thing that confused me the most was that I never touched the character’s behaviors. I tried checking on different devices to make sure, but they all had the same result.

If you know how to fix the problem please let me know

It looks like its working fine I used the arrow keys and the space bar to jump though
(you should add wasd suport)
(Also just so you know when you touch the bottom of the slide thing you slide while falling)

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okay, thank you! Also, I’ll add wasd soon. That’s also what I’m trying to fix too. I never had the jump so high that it can touch that, so it’s weird to me that it’s happening now. It’s an easy fix, it’s just odd that these problems are suddenly here.

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