Help with color block

Im trying to make the colors green and pink with the color code, but i don’t know how to use it.

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this is a good question

The answer is:

I don’t know .

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If I remember correctly, then there should be 3 inputs. One of them is green. They work off of percentages. So if everything is at 0 except green, the object will look green.

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There is 4 inputs, because alpha.

Yes I meant color outputs.

Oh, ok, I know what you mean now.

Wow i cood use this to was just about to ask same question

I used this for my overheating machine gun.

that didnt work, all it made was black.

It took me a while, but I got this (The start and learn button) to change color with the mouse hovering over it.

(This is a bad game)

Start the sprite completely white.



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I’m pretty sure the color code is using Hex color code.
If you’re familiar with Hexadecimals it should be easy enough.
The first two digits are for the amount of Red, The 3rd and 4th digits are for the amount of Green and the last two are for blue, It’s basically using the RGB color system.

Pink should be #FF00E0
Green should be #00FF00
Just add more green or blue to tone it down.

Are you doing it for the splatoon 2?

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how would i do this?

Just change the numbers from 0 - 255. Keep the Alpha number to 100 if you want it to bee fully visable.

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