Help with flip and emitting

Hey! So uhhh I don’t know what the problem is but flowlab just isn’t working general. Everything is broken. Is flowlab being updated or something?

I don’t know because it’s working smoothly for me. What doesn’t work (Be Specific)?

Try re-loading the tab.

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Already did that.

Okay hold on

For some reason the object is going the opposite way of the mouse AND when it emits it just shoots it everywhere. This problem just popped up out of nowhere and it wasn’t happening before and I didn’t change anything

Looks fine to me. Maybe try using the Flip behavior?

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The flip behavior doesn’t work for my needs and that doesn’t really solve what i’m talking about

make sure you’re using Game Coordinates in the mousemove behavior

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Check. Still ain’t working tho


no, i’d still say to use the flip behavior instead of an animation

It doesn’t work the same way

well maybe if we had the link we could look into the code and see what might be interfering?

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What is the animation? (What is the difference between the animation and the behavior?)

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You see the object is three blocks wide to make it visible since it’s attached to the player and the animation is so that it actually flips the actual visual sprite

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still shouldn’t change anything…

Flowlab Game Creator - Dead Cells remake

The object will need many more behaviors to allow it to emit in the direction of the animation.

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I recommend just using Galactian’s Orbit Example, it’s much easier to work with and you don’t have to do anything finnicky with the hitboxes to get it to work.

This still does not help with my emit problem @BradenS