Help with frame rate behavior

Does any one know if the frame rate behavior makes the games graphics smoother

The Frame Rate behavior does not adjust behavior speed, it only adjusts game physics. So depending on what the graphics are it could make it smoother (e.g. if you emit shards of a broken pot it will look smoother because those are physical objects, but if you had an animation it would not look any smoother).

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong on this, I haven’t used the Frame Rate behavior much.
(Default FPS is set to 30)

For more information on behaviors in general Behavior Handbook

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So your saying that like character movement will be smoother if I set it to 60fps

Character movement will look smoother. A note, because the game physics are running faster the speed at which your character falls will also increase, so some things may need adjusting.

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Ok yeah I know that the physics rate increases a lot but didn’t know it it actually looks smoother, now that I know this I will convert everything over to 60 fps

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Thank you

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For anyone else seeing this, here is a gif to show the difference. (The gif is at 10 fps so it’s not completely accurate, but you should be able to see the difference) (2)