Help with Moving Platform

I need help in fixing my rising and falling platform. I made a platform that goes up and down, however, when my player jumps onto the platform, the platform moves everywhere. How do I get the platform to only move up and down while my player is on it, and stay moving up and down when my player gets off the platform? This issue is on Level 3 (pink background).

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the support!

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Set the object to not movable and use velocity. You’ll get a warning that its not movable, but that actually means nothing else will be able to move it.

Your basically making an unstoppable object, but that’s actually perfect for platforms/elevators.

Here’s an example:

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Thank you! I was able to fix it using your help! How do I delete this post?


Its better to keep the post, other users will have similar problems later on and we can use your post to help them too.

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