help with mp3

Hi again i know i’ve asked a ton of questions in the past few weeks but i have another one lol
im trying to put music in my game but i have no idea how to make it mp3. websites tell me to download stuff but i dont want to
(in case of virus) any ideas?

if you have paid version you can use wav files too they auto convert

hi lol i only have free version, that’s why i have this alt account

If you google ‘free online convert mp3’ you find many that convert online.
But free account can’t upload I think? By what I remember you can only point to an online location, so you would have to store it somewhere online.
Google drive, Soundcloud, along those lines.

Ok imma try im new to having laptops lol I got my first one about a month ago lol tysm for that
and yeah u can upload music on a free account, I just don’t know how

What I use is the thread that is highlighted, by @Eric_Matyas . I’ve only used free, so what I do is find a song, or sound, on his site. Click on it, and it’ll go to a smaller site with just that song. Then going back to the sound block in Flowlab, you can retype the URL.

A cheat to copy the URL without going back and forth site to site is to remove the Flowlab URL and paste the song/sound URL there. Just click off of it, and don’t press enter.

Ok i will try that thanks so much :slight_smile:

or…you could just copy and paste

yeah true lol excactly
it’s like 9:30 pm here on my side tho so i gotta head to bed
school tom

it’s 8:30 am for me

lol cool where on the globe are u?

Im in the Philippines lol

Central Daylight Time USA

@Ramshacklegamestudios - last time I tried copying a pasting into one of the audio blocks, it wouldn’t allow it. Am I missing something?

oh really? It works fine for me!

(I have indie now but I still use it sometimes)