Help with multiplayer object disappear

Hi! I am working on a multiplayer game and so far everything is pretty smooth sailing. There is one thing I cannot figure out though.

I have an object that disappears when it is clicked. (Click > destroy) However there is an issue with my testing where if a player clicks it and the object disappears, it doesn’t disappear on the other player’s screen.

I’ve tried setting this object as a shared object but this doesn’t solve the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Here’s an extremely bare bones game to show what I mean: Flowlab Game Creator - multiplayertest
The cat and boy can be seen moving across screens (one is WASD the other is arrows, they’re just there so I check to see multiplayer is working). However the block next to them only vanishes on one screen when clicked rather than both?

make the object shared

I’ve tried, but that doesn’t work.