help with my game

hey, I need some help with this game I’m making.
I mainly need help with programming the menu, some of the enemies, and be able to kill them. if you need any explanation for what the different things are supposed to do just ask

for killing the enemies you want health right?

I’m wanting to have them die in 3 hits, I also want them to try and attack the chips.

Hey @GeekMaster143 if you want help almost most of your answers are in the help section on the flowlab homepage go there if you need some help with all of your questions if you cant find it heres link
go to helpful examples for your questions :smile:

thanks, but I’m trying to have the enemy to aim at the chips. I can’t seem to find out how to do that

I have done this before I need to get into my other account to show you though

Go here and look in the zombies code or mutants code

Hey, @GeekMaster143, I have tutorials on how to make a game. I am still putting out videos, every Thursday. Just check it out. I have the link for how to make Health bar