Help with Percentages

I am trying to do a random spawn thingy, 50-100 nothing will spawn, 25-50 is Block1, 25-15 is block2, 15-10 is block3, 10-5 is block 4 and 4-0 is block 5, but i have yet to see a percentage type of logic, can you guys help me find it? or a way of doing it?

put this in the bundle pack a few weeks ago

it’s quite simple (in the “plain old good bundles”)

ok it all makes sense, but what about the percentage into the value of the filter?

just put a number 0-100 into it. It’s only accurate up to 0.000000 but i dont think that matters.

What did i do wrong? It always spawns said block rather than 1/4th of the time(25%)

just copy the bundle in using import
(you did a ton of things wrong)

You need a spawn block for every thing you want to spawn.

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that might actually work