Help With Proximity?

Hey guys, I’m new to flowlabs and I have started to use it for a project that I have to do in school. I have 3 blocks A B and C and I would like text to the question to be displayed when you walk under them. Can anyone give me ideas on how to do this?

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Brace yourself, what I’m boutta say is gonna be complex:
Take three proximities (set the to repeat and not just activate once) have them activate to each box, then go into a spawn (to get the spawning correct take the X and times it by 32 and do the same for the Y and put the results in the according coordinates for the spawn blocks) create the objects that are going to show up and put them to spawn in the spawn boxes

there ya go

Hey there, i have a discussion where you can submit that game you’re working on by pasting the game link and I’ll try to give it a high-quality review ASAP!


For each block, have a proximity detector. Then, what you should do is create a operator object (i call these machine.orgs) and have mailboxes for A B C. When you have that, use the proximity trigger to send messages to, then for each mailbox trigger connect those up to a number block of 100 (in input), then connect those to your labels to the alpha input. Also, place the labels under the blocks, and in, connect an once trigger to a 0 number block and connect those to the labels alpha.

You asked for it.

Eat it, @MagmaDude100

Hey guys I appreciate your help but you’re gonna have to really dumb it down for me

You have a few different options here. For the questions, you can either create 3 different objects, or one object with a three frame animation to display the messages. If you have three different objects, then set their alpha to 0% (invisible) on start, and then set its alpha to 100% to make it show up again. If you use a single object with an animation, just set the animation to the associated frame (1, 2, or 3) in order to display the correct question. Either approach should work fine.

To detect the player, you just use a proximity trigger on the letter objects (A, B, and C). When the player comes close to a letter block, have that object send a message to the question object to tell it to display by setting the alpha or selecting the correct animation frame.