Help with sprite stacking

hey, my sprite stacking is not working, can you fix it? if so send screenshot of what you changed,


You’re not sprite stacking??

You need to use the Spawn behavior, not Attacher. You can only have 1 object attached with the Attacher

There are sprite stacking examples on the examples page, I can give you the link if you need

duno why I was pinged, I’m dumd
but as codealpaca said, you should use spawn behaviors.

I mean, if this is what you’re going for I guess you can do it with attach behaviors (?)

adadadsadad I just changed two attached behaviors with nothing in them.

asdasd these two were set to “none”


sorry im stupid, so i have no clue what you said so just

basically, you weren’t attaching anything in the first place and you gotta add the thing you want to attach