Help with sprite

So I have a sprite, I made its size 25% and it still works perfectly fine. I also have an animation for it that’s about 30% of the size of the main sprite. I made the animation 50% size with a behavior, which is also working fine, besides the hitbox. The hitbox on the animation doesn’t work for some reason, I think it’s still going off of the size of the main sprite, any way to fix this? (I tried collision shapes of a circle, rectangle, capsule, and polygon, but none of them work).

Nvm I increased the size of the animations sprite and its working better, but its not perfectly shaped like the main sprite, any way to fix it?

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You can make ur sprite bigger in the sprite editor, and then size it to whatever you like in the code, which is technically high-definition but for flowlab :upside_down_face:

I just said I did that, but it’s not as well-shaped as the main sprite

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idk what to do about that. I suppose it’s something about the rendering system trying to bring the pixel size down, but the pixels might be too small so it leaves them out completely, but what do i know :upside_down_face:

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Kk, I’ll just put it next to a wall or something so the player won’t notice the bad part of the hitbox.

The physics collision shape doesn’t change with animations . One physics object gets created when an object spawns, and although it can be scaled larger or smaller, the shape itself doesn’t change while the object is alive.