help with the game

hey could someone help me with this I’m trying to make the game where i could have it to when you hit a spike you loose a health but when i hit it i dont restart the game could some one help me?

so i did not want to be bored to help you and i saw grazer made something so just pretend im a substitute for grazer so you can get a answer faster sorry grazer if you see this i hope there is no copyright thing just dont sue me grazer i just want to help people. just a reminder even though you know that i did not make this

In “NEW LIFES” bundle;
you have a collision set to any instead of heart going to Health GB
and the filter is set to greater than “5” instead of the max health “10” for when the number is over your max health.

i was in school while doing this so i could not finish it.
and thanks guys

Or you could use this one: