Help with unending PC Building of game.

One of my students was trying to make a quick test of their game but after starting the PC build at 2pm EST yesterday, it still hasn’t finished even after going all night. Is there something I might have missed when doing export for windows possibly? Or have the newest updates involving screen stretching been causing exporting to be crazy long for others as well?

ill summon the creator of flowlab himself… @grazer

Hello @empowstudent02 - Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It looks like the Windows build queue got stuck. I just restarted it, and it’s working through the backlog of game exports now. It should be caught up in a couple of hours.

**EDIT: Looks like the build queue has been processed and all pending exports have completed. Sorry for the delay.

Thank you, just double checked and all of my students projects have come through and finished the builds.

Thank you @grazer for the assistance. How likely is this issue to happen in the future if we have a few students exporting for Windows at once? We have some more sessions coming up where we are introducing the kids to Flowlab.

Hey @empowflow - this should not generally be an issue since the PC exports typically run pretty quickly. The delay you experienced was due to an error in the build queue, not the number of games building.

Thanks very much for the help and the clarification!

@“long boiii”, and I thought you said that Indie was garbage? Why do you want to get it? (nevermind, he just got banned)

Anyways, onto the subject of this discussion, I’m glad that this issue is fixed because I am going to be exporting some of my games hopefully by the end of this year.

To clarify: He didn’t get banned for calling the Indie plan garbage, (anyone should feel to criticize Flowlab), he got banned for showing up using bad language and being rude to other community members.

True. They weren’t the kindest person I’ve/we’ve come across.

Hello @grazer , the same issue in this topic is happening again. All of our builds appear to be stuck exporting forever. Can you please assist?

@empowflow what device are you using? grazer is working on a behaviour update currently, but many people on the forum are experienced in these situations. I myself also have education edition.

Hey @empowflow - sorry, I just saw this thread. If you ever have a time-sensitive issue you can always feel free to email me directly ( or file a ticket (use the “life saver”) button at the bottom of most pages on the website.

It looks like the Windows build server was having a bad morning, I restarted it and all the builds completed OK earlier, so I think the issue has been resolved.

Thank you very much, I’ll look to those other options of priority communication as well in the future.