Help with uploaded sounds and score

Hello! I recently began using flowlab and I can’t figure out how to upload music to the game or to an object. I know how to set it up on the behaviors but my link doesn’t seem to work. I think I’m missing something stupid.

Here is my game:

And here are the URLs I tried to use: and

I also have a problem with the Score, since it only goes up to 1 regardless of the number of objects you gather.

Could someone take a look?

Thanks a lot

For the music, you cannot upload it from your computer. The link also has to have a .mp3 at the end.

I found a similar link:

But it still doesn’t work unfortunately…

Nevermind, the sound started working all of a sudden for no reason.

The only issue is with the character, as you have to press the direction keys repetitively to get it to walk, when it continued walking when you kept it pressed 10 minutes ago…Anyone?

Please I really need help, I put a run and jump bundle but my character only jumps!

Nevermind, it was just lagging a whole lot. Too bad no one could help.

I mean, it worked perfectly for me every time, so I figured you already fixed it.

It’s not working for me (the sound) And I did the mp3 url and all. >o<

Usually the web server will lag the streaming, so try waiting a few minutes or refreshing. By the way Emp, you need a “Once” connected to the sound, in case you didn’t do that

I tried it multiple times (I have been using once) but its still not working…
Maybe Chrome doesn’t work?

Post a link to your game. I’ll check what you’re doing wrong.

I took out the sound cause I had it with a game that glitched and I waited for hours but would not work. Here is the link anyway;
Ignore the crappiness XD

Well how am I supposed to help you if you deleted it?