First off, here is link.

Why does it take a whole second for the body to grow to the players size?
I can’t get it to be any faster!
@“The Kodex”
@“JR 01”
@“my_name (<_>)”


You could try lowering the repeating forever timer from 4 to 1. It doesn’t fix the problem, but the tail’s size does shrink to the head size A LOT quicker.

Because SET in the number behavior doesn’t output / doesn’t change the size immediately.
Only when the -2 is added, the number is sent to the Size behavior.

But also fixing that ^^ will still show the size for a extra frame from how long it takes to send a message. You could fix the visual pop by starting with the alpha at 0 and back to 100 after the size change. But a easier solution would be to use a save behavior to tell what size to start with.



Ok I will try @Superstargames idea and then try to understand @“JR 01”

@RageDayz, sorta like this actually:

Ok I got it. Thanks!