I set up the collision for my enemy collison=ground connected to flip because it was going left and i needed it to go right but it just went through the block! i have no idea why this happened.

A link to the game would help :slight_smile:


ok its not going through anymore but it stays in place ill try to fix it but ill let you know if anything else goes wrong @TinkerSmith

OK the reson it wasnt moving was bc i set is velocity to 0

And its STILL going through :angry:

I don’t quite understand what it is supposed to do …

@peepeepoopo , do you mean it going offscreen?

@MagmaDude100 no its going through th e block then offscreen

@TinkerSmith im in the middle of making it an enemy but its not supposed to go through

1st of all you have to make the enemy movable in the behavior settings 2nd of all u have to connect collision to the toggle input of the flip block. 3rd of all u have to change the collision block to make it bounce of any block and leave the top and bottom settings in it off.