Heres how to play games offline: (paid membership needed)

  • First download Xcode
  • Then Download iOS project (Its in my games)
  • In Xcode click new project
  • Make sure its a mac cocoa application
  • Upload the iOS project file to Xcode (Click the + button on the bottom left)
    There you go! Play it offline hope this helped (press the play button on the top left)

Wow, nice work! I hadn’t even tried building as a Mac app before :slight_smile:

Smart idea, wish I had a mac to sign my games.

too bad I DONT HAVE MAC!!!

wish i did! i turned it down for my bday, omg IM AN IDIOT!!

where can i download Xcode??
Please help me i have a indie acc

you buy it off the mac app store… its about 100$ or something

Xcode is free in the Mac App Store

thanks it works

what is a cocoa application please help