Hey, anyone wanna do a collab?

Hey, so I know the flowjams just finished, so I thought that this is the best time to announce this (:
I still have to do my game but I could take on another one.
Strengths: I dunno, I think I have gotten a lot better at pixel-art in a short amount of time and feel like I can get better, and my coding is pretty decent. I can make music, and my creativity is alright

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Do you want to collab with me
  • Yes please
  • No thank you
  • You stink, so no
  • Ur fire, so yes
  • Later=yes at a later date(comment below when)

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Your music is really good. I have a secret team that I think you would like to see :slight_smile:

really?, nice, sooo, can I join :grin:
Also, now not only is my music decent my pixel art is getting there! (also coding)

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Check your notifs :wink:

Wow this was a long time ago, glad to see I haven’t improved in art at all, I just improved on effects to make it look good in Flowlab.