Hey grazer please read this

I know I know, it’s late and it was my backup plan, but my birthday present for u isn’t made yet so here you go.
(I know it’s a repost lol)
(I still made it myself)


hol’ up. It’s grazer’s birthday TODAY?

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YEA WHAT!?!?!?!

It was about 2 days ago.

OH wow i dint know that sry @grazer

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Also @grazer since I did this too late here’s something else to brighten your day.

It so cute

Hey, thanks @meburningslime :slight_smile:

That birthday song is pretty epic.


Thanks a lot! Took me way too long to make it, and the big suprise didn’t get made yet…
Better get excited for next year! :rofl:
It’s a pretty big one lol

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