Hey guys i’m back and better than ever

Yes I am back from my 3 day ban thing.

I’m going to try my hardest not to screw up again like sometimes es before. I’ll be more mature and instead of getting mad at people we’ll just work things out.

This means your going to see a lot more work in my games from now on since I really want my game “The Pixelling Dead to be one of the best on Flowlab.io. And to all the game creators out there, all I have to say is good luck :+1: :wink:


Great to have you back grim!

As long as you learn from your past mistakes, and don’t make too many new ones I think you’ll be fine.

Also yes my streams are going to be coming back soon. Your all also going to see a lot more videos showing up on my YouTube. And a lot of my game progress will be on my new streams of me working on my game live. Make sure to subscribe to support me and join my discord which you can find the link in one of my videos since I’m on mobile I can’t grab the link.

I’m also not going to be working this week mainly because it’s fall break and I want to relax all week that way I’m ready to work harder than ever when Monday comes rolling around.

nice! I might sub to you. I have a channel called Baconcat008 (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVhLXYjzdmz8VEzV2k4uWrg?view_as=subscriber) and I will post vidios when im 13 (about 5 more moths) and I will post some flolab stuff!

Okay??? This discussion is more about me but ok

I subbed i just hope that are good videos

yea, i know, im just putting that out there :wink:

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They will be

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Hey grim! Glad ya back