Hey guys! time for my once a year forum post

Woah the forum changed thats weird, I havn’t done flowalab in a hot minute (been doing school stuffs and just started learning unity) but looking around the forum its really cool to still see a lot of the same names. Anyway i have a few questions, anyone know when the next game jam will be? id love to participate in another one of those cause they where super fun. Also my brother wants to learn flowlab but is getting discouraged with me trying to teach him, im gonna direct him towards the help videos but anyone have any suggestions for helping someone new start learning?


Ay @my_name (I think I remember you from reviewing your games a while back?)!

I’m not sure when the next Jam is, but I can guess the next couple of months.

And some advice: try picking apart games, simple to difficult. See how things work, play it in the editor to see what triggers what, etc. That’s how I learned.

Advice for your brother

Your first game will probably stink. it’s completely fine if it has bugs that’s how you learn.

Start small. I tried making my first game a multiplayer game way too complicated for me at the time.

Community. the flowlab forums are very helpful, and everyone is friendly and here to help you.

I still don’t know how to use multiplayer, lol. I’m currently just now starting to use expressions and global behaviors so no rush if you feel like you aren’t progressing cause some of us are even still learning.


I used to be amazing at multiplayer, but I’m focusing in my YouTube channel and my class with Mark Rober right now.

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yeah i haven’t been active in a looooooooooooong time so im not suprised you dont remember me lol. Do you have a new game your working on? in remember a box was your game when i was active

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whats your youtube channel? ill go subscribe

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Thanks I do mostly games and memes lol

Yep, I remember ya XD (I recognize that emoji)

A-Box is actually finished and featured on the Flowlab game page - though you’ll have to go to page to with the many new awesome additions.

I’m currently working on a game called Sol. It’s currently my most ambitious and biggest, so it has a pretty lengthy release from now (about 2 and a 1/2 years approx), but I’ll be releasing a demo in the Summer.

Sol also has it’s own thread - can’t link rn but you should be able to find it.

my Youtube videos, heh. In all seriousness though I got a couple tutorial vids on my channel like how to make a shooter (Make sure to watch remastered not the original) and others.

actually, the jam is supposed to be this current month

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