HEY I hope everyone is having a great DAY! I AM NOT!

So i am trying to make a thing where i can have a block attack me when i touch him and he can pull out a shield that blocks me from attaking me. PLease can anyone give me ideas on how to make that? Thank you!

may you go in more detail is this like the type of turn based combat in grazers rpg game

imagine a plain block is sitting in the middle of the game and as soon as you touch him, he lights up and starts following the player. the player in turn starts hitting him, the block then starts shooting him, then the player hits him a third time and the block attaches a shield to itself and the player cannot kill him with hitting the block on the top. The player can only kill the object using a sword. Does that make sense?

ok that real simple ill get on it

almost done…

@Tim01 I completed the system make changes freely: in the game touch the enemy to damage it after 3 hits touching it dosent kill it anymore and it pulls up a shield then you get the sword and can kill it with space

@glithctyrus where is the game?

Can anyone help me!?!?!?!

im getting the link right now…

here ya go