Hey i want this feature it would help lots with smth i want to work on

it would be awesome if you could move the mouse cursor across the screen kinda as if it was a sprite. so you could move the mouse cursor to 32x 32y and it would be on the bottom right of the top left square.

um can’t you already do this? With the cursor function?

no, you cant

you can only tell where the cursor is with the cursor function
ive experimented trust me

then attach the cursor fuction to the position block

facepalm im talking about moving the CURSOR, not moving stuff TO the cursor

well that’s kinda IMPOSSIBLE, can’t help you :upside_down_face:

it is NOT

Name the last program you saw that could actually move your cursor to a point on a screen. Go ahead, im waiting.


Still, the same point applies. Just use mouse position to move the “cursor” (literally just an object), and when you want to move it on its own turn the cursor moving off (prolly using a switch) and then use the position block.

You can’t do that in websites, since you need permission to access people’s mouse and keyboard.