Hey maniac pumpkin

hey maniac pumpkin, @ManiacPumpkin i cant post more on the otc and my main account is banned
hey, so, you said 2d horror games cant be scary

no, i just want to talk with him because he said 2d horror games cant be scary, but i can discuss sid topic on the otc but i can here

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maniac pumpkin cant do anything for that

it’s because you were spamming stuff that no one needed to hear

You should have just private messaged me instead.

But I never stated that 2D games aren’t scary, but they are difficult. Since it doesn’t offer the 3D or first person view, you can’t make the player feel directly involved in the situation of the game, but there are still many other details and features you could implement to make any 2D game scary.
I’m still working and learning them myself, so I can’t really give a solid answer, but I can give information of what I currently know as I’ve seen gameplay and have played many indie horror games that are both generic, but also scary in their own way.