Hey yall i'd like some advice if thats ok

play my game i would very much like some advice on what i should do better

everyone says my game mechanics are very cool and that they’ve never seen them before

but yeah i’d like some advice please

(im working on a level select)

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you may want to fix this it makes it pretty easy to beat the last levelScreenshot 2020-12-17 at 9.01.39 AM

You control both players with WASD or arrows because it’s the same sprite, so if you really want to do two-players, create two different objects with same texture, else it’s not two playered, or simply impossible to do because there is movement conflict.

@Cactus_Studios - I think maybe you misunderstood the point of the game? Either that, or I did :slight_smile:

The idea is to control both players at once, but still be able to complete the level. It’s an interesting concept @Seth01Master - I like what you have done so far. If you want some advice, I would maybe try add some more complex non-jumping puzzles, using different types of blocks that you have to move around, that sort of thing.

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Well, you can use both arrows or WASD so maybe its supposed to be two player idk

No @Cactus_Studios, the game is singleplayer, but you control two characters at the same time. It’s like Fireboy and Watergirl, but instead the characters are always moved simultaneously instead of individually.

Anyways, @Seth01Master, I think this is a good game. As stated by grazer, adding more puzzling levels would make the game more fun and interesting. I can see a wide variety of levels and puzzles being added to this game.

strange, because there are two ways to control the character(s?)

anyways @Seth01Master its neat

i already have five levels though and only have the free version of flowlab.io :frowning:

what do i need to fix? i dont understand what you mean :confused:

Its supposed to be one-player, but you control two sprites at the same time.

Ok, if you want advice, remove one of both moving keys, its strange

He saids it’s too easy, make it harder

i added WASD and arrowkeys, so i don’t have to tell people what controls they need to use. also, some people might be used to WASD, while others are used to arrowkeys, so i do that to give everyone easy controls.

yes, but when you use both its lets say special, anyways your choice, all up to you

It makes it so that you can hover on wall and jump infintly

Oh, yeah. I might fix that later. Thanks!