Heyo i need multiplayer help!

so im making a side view 1v1 game but it is only playable if two of you are on the same computer other wise you are playing by yourself so how can i implement multiplayer into this game because ive never used multiplayer blocks before?
@grazer @JR01 and any others who wanna help

Do you have indie yet?

nope so i am guessing i cant do it thennnnn

Yeah… what game are you making?

a game? https://flowlab.io/game/play/1689228

Looks good… if you want to make another one, and be multiplayer, I can add you to a team and we can make a mutiplayer one.

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well cant u just clone my game and add multiplayer aspect into it???

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No. Other people can’t clone games that aren’t theirs. (Wish they could, though!)