Hi here its Newgames

Uhhh idk what to say but this should be the place where we update our games

Or anything else

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we- we alreado made one XD, Here ill link it

I guess we can talk here, I have a question, whos doing what, because nothings getting done at all XD. so I can be sprite and music manager, and do a little bit of code, who wants to be coder, because we will need that. And then someone has to be idea maker, edwardis pretty good at that, idk we just need some organization at least

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I’m currently working on a big project but I’m keeping it a secret because I don’t want to show it to the forums just yet

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@discobot start advanced tutorial

Nope not work

Im DA best at ideas in fact im drowning from it

But im trying to make it double player on same Computer and Online

But i have free

ok, gib unique idea in the next minute to prove self

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EZ what about this Your a Tnt thing cannister and you get a total of 5 layers.

Example: I have 2 layers and there is a wall infront of me i explode and lose a layer now i have one layer NOW there is another wall if i explode again i die because 1 layer plus explode equals death so i look for another layer and explode and continue (how bout’ that?)


aight, thats fair, but it was inn like 6 mins so no points XD

No i was doing stupid home work buddy

lol ok fine

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