Hi im new and who made flowlab

Hi! I used coding to make games but i wanted to make games without code so i searched up a browser game creator and found flowlab . i joined at Oct 8 2020 and i wonder…
Who made Flowlab?

@8-bit_Studio, grazer devs made the flowlab.io editor/engine and community over the years.

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Wow! Thx rock you’re da best

@R0CK is correct - I built the engine and website, but Flowlab wouldn’t be what it is without the community of game developers and all your games, so in way we are kind of all building it :slight_smile:


Wait so @grazer made all of the code in flowlab.io like the editor and visual code?

Did you had like help to make the editor or did you made it all by yourself? Like the code and the marketing also the servers in flowlab.io ( servers: games )?

Good Question Im Wondering That To

Pretty much everything that you see was created by grazer. What he means by this:

… is that while grazer made everything, from the code, game engine, and website itself, we helped shape Flowlab to where it is today. Thanks to us, we have made many jaw-dropping masterpieces, gave grazer ideas for current and future features, and showed that Flowlab has a lot of potential.

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Insperation message?

Yes, Grazer has built anything and everything related to Flowlab.io.
It has been Grazer’s lifes work, and has been his hobby for over 8 years now.

Making a game building website that has the ability to create 2D games without coding.
Accessible to everyone with little to no fee, the community gives feedback and makes request to help add and perfect the site. It becomes everyone’s goal here to make the best games on Flowlab.


WHOOOOOO so grazer made all of flowlab. Code, Website, Community, Host of flow jams.


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That’s awesome ( 20 characters )

Hey @JR01 i wanted to ask this a while ago but do you know and/or talk to grazer directly?

It seems like you know a LOT about this site, far more than the average user does so that’s why i ask

I have messaged Grazer a few times, but only on rare occasions. Mostly about major bugs, updates, and ideas.

I get most of my information from experience, testing around the Flowlab engine, older posts from grazer, and from other older community members (mostly on discord).

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I Joined In 2019 But I Had A Different Account

(Sketch582) (Sketch583) (Sketch582Admin) (Sketch582Admin2) (Pixelknife 3)

Those Were All My Accounts

(Ignore The 1 In My Name)