Hide cursor behavior

Just a behavior block to hide the cursor, this is useful for custom cursors. It has two inputs (true and false) and two outputs (out). It will only be hidden inside the game frame of course.

Actually this would be cool. It’s very easy to do in action script, but I think flowlab is coded in python and I have no idea how it works.

Maybe something like this would work


Although grazer would know better.

Maybe grazer could allow a box to paste or type custom code, then label it.

This could be catastrophic for native Pc users, as mousemove and the actual mouse do not align, but clicking with the actual mouse works.

Take the downloaded version of SB2 for example… the reason the redicle exists is because aiming would be confusing without it, so I had to come up with a fix…

Same with TURK HUNT aiming. The reticle lags behind.

[spoiler] I deleted all those for you. Not sure what happened, but it’s gone now lol [/spoiler]

@grazer Your thoughts? :stuck_out_tongue: