Hide your code in editor, and is it against the tos?

i was wondering if it was possible to hide/transparent your games code similar to that one scratch glitch and if its against the tos for… obvious reasons. but basically i have a undertale funvalue esc, event were my player gets an email about there clippy stand in being “not what he seems” before the email is emeditly deleted my cippy under the guide “i had to delete some things so this computer wouldn’t crash, hope that wasn’t important…”. so i want him to be a bit more mysterious with him not actually haveing any code. almost like hes alive…

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not possible, if you wanted to do something like this you could maybe hide the code in some random object

my suggestion is to hide his code in an already used object but make the bundle for him so far away from the root point that nobody would ever think to scroll to it. (Also Don’t name the object for him “clippy”, but rather make the object that is him just a brick, and make the name for the object something random, as well as a bunch of random code that does nothing in the middle and another bundle that plays an animation and shows the actual clippy being stowed far away as well.)

wow i actually didnt think about it like that, yeah it would make them seem like there trying to hide in the code, ill try that

What are you afraid of people doing when if they can see your behaviors?

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its less of not wanting people to do something its more of trying to not break the Emerson

I sometimes use parents to hide code in my examples.