Hiding Games, so that they can be "released" like actual video games.

A simple idea, though rightfully understood that it would be difficult to implement.
So, if we had the ability to hide games, make them “private”, then not only would that be great for people who don’t want anyone to play their games, other than them, but it would also be great for guys like me who try to make their work as professional as possible. If we had the ability to hide and unhide games, then we would be able to professionalize Flowlab as a whole.
Updates, official releases, even trailers! It would be absolutely amazing.
So, @grazer, what do you think?

You can do this by clicking the “don’t display in games list” button under advance in the game settings.

Links still work but other than that, you can’t really find the game by searching Flowlab or there profile.

Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. Thanks!