High score counter not working?

Hi, I am working on my game and I have a “sap counter” that displays and saves globally throughout the game, however i want to display the total sap stars collected in the game on the queen level as a high score. Does anyone happen to know how to make that work? Please let me know!

Here is my game: Flowlab Game Creator - Aztecca's Adventure

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So, what you want to do is this:

  1. Set the stars as a Save instead of a global (this is just for save security)
  2. When you die, set the Save to 0
  3. Create this:

Basically, it constantly reads the Score variable, and if it’s bigger than the current filter (default zero), then it sets the filter as the current score and updates the highscore as well.

I have so that it saves to a global “sap star” so wouldn’t I need to use the global block so that it reads the value? I used the save block before but it continued to save and add sap stars even after i left game and came back, so i changed it to global and it works but i dont know how to get it to read the value.

That sounds like a glitch to me.

You have to put it through the “read” node, and make sure the variable has the “Score” name

im going to test it now

How do i set the save to zero when the ant dies?

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→ (get) number → (save) Save Number [Score]