Hills and slopes example

hills- they are possible



Those aren’t hills but slopes. A hill is a curve.

You can make hills using that tho

My first thought: “No you can’t”
My second thought: “wow!”

Does this use that rotated stick thing we discussed and I used last year, or is it something new? The slopes are very slippery btw. I was going to make a more advanced mini slope progression for rounder hills and spheres, but grazer did that sphere planet thing last year, so I can probably just do giant ovals underneath fake terrain tiles for round hills, and multiple angle slopes for like rocks and stuff. That is what you did, right? I didn’t open editor on my phone or anything.

So basicly:

I already had this “hills thing” on Awakening in the Town (that is still being made but yeah)

@“Mhx Ar” sorta- its a little more advanced- I know they were a thing because the whole thing you made- but I never actually thought they were applied to an actual game, and I wanted to build off of that instead of just using skeleton mapping, because thats just too much work, when you can simply have the sprites spawn in the hitboxes instead.

Instead of skeleton mapping- blocks spawn in the lines themselves, so I wont have to manually place them.

They are slippery but I figured it could make some good sonic physics if you apply the same planetary effect grazer came up with.

Wait so you made blocks that emit their own skeleton? That’s a great idea. How interesting. That would save most people a lot of time. Using that and ray casting to make a block decide if it is a grass block, edge corner, or dirt block, you could basically drag a single block wildly around the map, and the level would design itself. If we could design a working code that we could all copy/paste into our games, and just replace the animations, we would have a level sculpting tool like RPG maker.

Done that sorta already :slight_smile: blocks detect if there is something solid above there, and play an animation according to it