Hm. Ads on my game? (Outside of Flowlab)

Is there any websites where I can upload my game and the website puts my game on it with ads, which then I ca receive revenue?

Websites like or but without having to contact the website devs, they never reply.

So a clean and neat website I can simply sign up on.

Maybe some of you are interested too!

Why not just make your own website. It’s kinda gotten popular in flowlab. The top used site engines are blogger from google or So far with wix you can earn currency for your site because of this mini html thing in which they find advertisements that sponsor them and put on advertisements FOR you. And no charge for you at all- so far I’ve heard this is how it works

If they click it; you earn a few cents
If they click it and buy the product; you get more than usual

Is this automatic on Wix?

You go to the app list and it allows you to drag and drop

I contacted both Gamepix and Clay, they always responded to my emails.
I used this links to contct them:

Hm. I’ll probably try contacting them again. If there’s no luck. I’ll use wix