Holiday update - export games for iOS and Android

I have just enabled the “Export Mobile App” button for all paid accounts. This enables you to export games to either iOS or Android directly from the website.

Anyone who was a beta tester for this feature (thanks!) still has access as well.

I also added a small feature to the behavior window to make it more difficult to “lose” behavior nodes by dropping them way outside the normal window area.

Let me know if you have questions or comments.

Amazing Job works really well

I’d need some instructions on how to export the mobile app properly. I’ve clicked on the button and when it finished loading there was this “Download Android App” button and I don’t know what to do now…

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Did you select the correct platform from the drop down menu? andriod or ios

Yes, I have selected Android.

Once you have a “Download Android App” button, you can click that button to download your app :slight_smile:

What you do with the app is up to you, but probably the first step will be to sideload it onto a device and test: it

That Awesome!!!

Great stuff Grazer!

I’m going to try to finish Star Trail and publish to the app store. I’ll make the certificates later and see how it goes.

I’m sure I’ll be firing across a few questions at some point : )


@grazer, can you add a duplicate feature to side with this? This way i can create the starblast mobile without messing with the original.