Honeybee frenzy is on the store!

As of right now it’s free but will cost .99 later.
Get it while you can!


Thank you for the support!

“The nuclear bananas” Best name of all time. (I am typing this as game is installing)

when ever I try to start the game it crashes. It won’t start!
Edit: My game seems to be doing it too. Maybe it’s my tablet?

I don’t have a (working) tablet at the moment so I can’t tell you if it’s a bug or not… guess I will have to rely on the comments
@grazer update please? You might not have the exporter up to date

@jngthree - I just updated everything on the build servers to the latest versions as of tonight. Kick off another build and let me know when it’s done, and I’ll test it for you.

@grazer I just started off the build