Hotfix 🔥 update for Bilimbi released

New Hotfix Just Released

This update is intended to fix some remaining issues with the Bilimbi update, and should be the last hotfix before the next release version:

  • Optimized expressions outputs are now converted to numbers if they are text (to match non-optimized expressions)
  • Attaching to flipped objects no longer inverted
  • Now the offset position is displayed in the title of the offset settings panel
  • The behavior collision checking boundaries are fixed (no more incorrect collisions detected AFAICT)
  • The behavior snapping in general is much less aggressive, so it should hopefully feel less annoying
  • Offset editor panel is closed when deleting a behavior block
  • No more Alert infinite click/close loop
  • Cleaner run & jump bundle
  • Better behavior block clicking on touch screens (links are still wonky though)
  • Fixed undo / redo movement interfering with behavior snapping
  • Behavior window no longer loses hotkeys when playing game inside window
  • Fixed error when leaving KB trigger settings in “set key” state when closing behavior window

Please let me know if you encounter any issues with this release. Thanks!


thank you so much grazer


Yay! I didn’t want to admit that it was annoying because it would make me seem ungrateful.