How about making a NES game but it is off pixel (its a problem)

so, yeah i want to make "if 2 pixels of a sprite makes it off pixels i want to make a update where you can go “pixel walk” instead of the usual walk


I want it to be for example “super Mario Bros.” but walking makes it off pixel

elaborate on what off pixel is

like when you take a snapshot of a character moving, you use the editor and it is off pixel like a pixel shift off by PIXEL 1 Size

Dude nobody can understand you with that grammar. Please type properly.

I can understand him

then what is he saying

its like when you take I screenshot of a character moving you go in editor and it is a 1 off pixel

I’m assuming that he’s probably using the 16 by 16 size for his sprites and by copying, pasting, moving, or screenshot/importing is causing it to be shifted by 1 pixel, since a lot of these features are based on the 32 by 32 grid, not what your current brush scale is.

At least this is what I’m assuming.
I know when I try to copy and paste spites, I have to realign them back into the original grid it was made on, because it’ll still move as if it’s on a 32 by 32 grid.