How bad is it, I accidently deleted my game

I thought I’d duplicated my game. I had not. I deleted everything and made a new game on top.

Am I really screwed?

I’ve heard @grazer has magical powers. I sure hope he does

This was orignally a puzzle game, now its a grand piano emulator…


If you’ve deleted it recently (within 7 days) there should be a little trashcan icon next to the filter dropdown at the top of your games page. Recently deleted games are stored in that (known as the archive) for a week before being permanently deleted, and you can unarchive it to recover it.


Unfortunately, I didn’t delete the game. I thought Id duplicated the game. So I edited the game, deleted all of the sprits then started a new game. Only to realise I’d not duplicated anything and had just built the new game over the other…

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I’m pretty sure that the servers update twice a day and they keep track all of the updated games. I know I had a major bug on one of my games that removed most of the sprites and code for some reason and grazer was able to restore it to an earlier save. Sadly I lost a lot of progress that day, but it did save my game.

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grazer can restore games back to a certain point. This would return all your old sprites.

Unfortunately, in discord chat, he’s said he can’t do this :frowning: