how can i copy code to my own game?

@“JR 01” gave me a homing missile example to use in the game im making. however, i have tried simply copy + pasting, making bundles, but no matter what it never works. how can i copy code to my own game? please help

Copy the bundle. Then head to your game and click “Import” in the behavior screen of the desired object. A pop-up will show up asking you to import behaviors. Click on the text box and press Ctrl + V to paste the code. Once you paste the code, click OK and the behaviors should be pasted onto your game.

Or you can add the bundle to your menu and you can add it anytime you edit a game without copy and pasting.

Do this but click import on step 4 instead then Ctrl + V in the box.

ALSO with my bundles, they can use other x/y that you have to set yourself.