How can i destroy one object from a type?

always when you run destroyer command the command destroys the type from the level, so… how can i destroy one object from a type?

It depends, what’s meant to activate it? The difference between the one you want to destroy and the one you want to keep is how you can find out how to do this.

what are you meaning?

What is making the objects get deleted?

Destroyer command can delete objects

Yes I know how all the behaviors work, I’m asking what is the trigger? What’s the reasoning you want for some to be destroyed and others to stay

i just want to make a beat game and for other things

Maybe I’m being unclear.

I’m asking this. Let’s say you have 2 of the objects. Why is one being destroyed and the other is not? Just saying I want one to be destroyed isn’t enough information. You need exact reasoning, something like Object 1 Touched the player, or it is past a certain X value, or it was spawned first, etc. Even if it’s just random is more information than what I’ve been given

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when you click the beat button, the object from the type get destroyed and other objects from the same type don’t

I’m not sure what you mean by this. If you provide a game link it’ll be a lot easier for me to help

when you create an object
you see a type name in the left side when you click on edit right?
when i go to programing, and use Destroyer, all objects of this type will be destroyed
and i want to fix it that’s it

oh, done
i found the fix

Yeah I get that, but I’m not sure what the exact circumstances are in your situation that are making it get deleted