how can i increas ram? my acount is indy.

i need to add path finding to a game. do not ask for a link. it has nothing to do with a mistake. i just know flowlabs ram. but i need tips and tricks.

RAM? That’s a peace of hardware that goes in your computer to store and run temporary memory.
More RAM can give better performance because Google Chrome uses a lot. You can see more when you use your Task Manager --> more details --> memory in your Windows computer.

I don’t know what you mean by Flowlab ram, Flowlab uses cache and thats only to the browser. You can Clear your cache in the Google history settings. Its good to clear your cache about every few months.

I’m not really sure what your asking or how it will help, but here is 2 answers.

no i ment game ram. it is online and i just notised it is not on my computer.

You mean how much online storage you have @splash2018 ?
What are you trying to do? Got Gigabytes to upload?

i need game ram for pathfinding. flowlab alweys bugs out when i make something compacated.

i mean lag.

Oh lag, the old enemy. I am a master lag creator :slight_smile:

Again, it all depends on what you try to do.

There is no single solution, just common sense. I mostly ‘lag’ when I try to do too many things simultaneously, like in the Cellular Map thingy I tried. Tried a bigger one and … outch, slowdown like hell.

Now I have to put my dented thinking cap on and work out a way that splits it into more manageable single processes.

well i can use ray casts.