How can I make a sprite bigger in Flowlab free edition

I’ve tried to make objects larger in the free edition, but I can only make them smaller

If anyone can help me, I would like to thank you

You can’t make sprites bigger, only smaller, if you want a bigger sprite, I’d recommend making a big sprite, but set it’s size smaller

@SnakeInMyHoot A sprite is the object’s graphic. An object is just the object with its sprite, collider and behaviors. This is something nobody understands.

@haltfire302 You can make objects bigger in the sprite editor with the size button on the bottom-right (where all edit tools are). Also, there’s almost no difference between the free and paid version. In the paid version you can export your project (iOS, android, pc), and you have no limits for objects, levels and games.

Actually the paid and free are different because I don’t have a tool bar

No, the only difference between the two is that one has unlimited objects and unlimited games and one has the ability to export.

@CrimsonBlackGames Yeah thanks for repeating what I said.

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To resize an object, click this button, then the colors at the bottom of the editor are replaced with scaling bars you can drag for height and width.

That should be what you’re looking for. Sorry that I had to do this from my phone, but it looks about the same as on PC.


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i cant do it lol i tried but it still the same

@marcelinerules 1.that makes the sprite boundries larger to largen the sprites as a whole use the size behavor. commited gravedig a rule put on the forums for everyone to follow

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